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This bowl might make you famous

Super Star Bowl from Alessi is a beautiful way to serve up snacks.

MoMA Store

My friends would tell you that I'm an entertainer. And they'd be right: one of my favorite things to do is cook a nice meal and serve it to people, even if it's not a special occasion. Whether it's for a quiet dinner for me or a dinner party over the holidays, I like to make sure my food is presented nicely on my plate before I eat it. They do say "you eat with your eyes first," right?

Maybe that's why I like the MoMA Design Store and their pretty selection of dishes that are perfect for serving snacks and appetizers. The most recent addition to my list of "I-want-that" items is this awesome Super Star Bowl made by Alessi.

The Super Star is made of mirror-finished stainless steel, and it's bent to look like a star with a high center that slopes down to six curved vessels, perfect for olives, nuts, spices, grapes, and cheeses. I usually serve snacks like these in separate bowls (I save my presentation energy for the main courses), but this one is much more interesting, and even looks good when it's empty.

At $150, the Super Star Bowl might be best kept for special occasions. But the price tag might be worth it: it might make you famous.