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This bookmark doubles as a reading light

Japanese designer Kouichi Okamoto has used silver conducting and nanoparticle ink to lighten up reading.

Kouichi Okamoto

E-book sales are falling, actual book sales are rising. What does that mean? Society is once again in need of a good bookmark.

Japanese designer Kouichi Okamoto is looking to shake up the page-holder game with Bookmark Light. It's a regular bookmark by day, but doubles as a reading light at night. You'll need a lithium coin battery, though.

The shift from bookmark to nightlight is made by placing said battery into a slot and folding the film-material bookmark over. It works by using a silver conducting and a special type of nanoparticle ink that conducts electricity.

The Bookmark Light is currently available from the Kyohei Works website and is selling for ¥ 2,128, including shipping (roughly $20, AU25, £15).