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This astounding stop-motion film was made from 1,296 mini Rubik's Cubes

YouTube sensation MysterGuitarMan has outdone himself by creating an entire short film made from constantly rearranged mini Rubik's Cubes.

OK, I have to admit it. I never did figure out how to solve a Rubik's Cube. So my mind is aching just a little after watching the crazy stop-motion film above that was just posted by Joe Penna, who's better known by his YouTube monicker "MysteryGuitarMan."

To make the film, Penna laid out a grid of 1,296 mini "magic cubes," reconfigured them 960 times and continuously rearranged them to create a short film set to an 8-bit-style soundtrack. Adding to the difficulty factor, the cubes were only 1 inch square, so they were pretty hard to manipulate and solve.

Sometimes the stickers were removed from the cubes to create the black areas of space depicted in the film, which tells the tale of a robot who takes a rocket to another planet to find love. It's kind of like a flipbook rendered in tiny cubes instead of drawings. Yup, I bet your brain is aching a little now too, huh?

Penna is a bona fide YouTube sensation with over 2.8 million subscribers to his MysteryGuitarMan channel, which features a range of striking videos with a heavy focus on music. He's no stranger to executing time-devouring processes to make his creations, as this video, in which he lit and extinguished 1,089 tealights, shows.

To raise funds for the Doctors Without Borders charity, Penna is donating the proceeds he makes from selling signed cubes from the video on eBay, as he explains in this video from his Facebook page.