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This animated short about the future will make you cringe

Watch "Johnny Express," a hilarious, tragic little film about an ill-fated delivery guy from quite a few decades down the line.


OK, so an animated cartoon about a lazy delivery guy in the future isn't exactly unique (hello, "Futurama"), but "Johnny Express" on Vimeo is a highly entertaining short that will have you laughing and cringing for the duration. Johnny is a lazy space delivery guy whose only desire is to catch a few zzz's on his filthy spaceship while the ship's autopilot system does all the hard work for him. It's the American dream, really.

All Johnny has to do is get the package from his ship to its destination. Sounds simple, right? Of course, things take an unexpected turn from the moment Johnny lands, and the result is both hilarious and sad. Can Johnny overcome his self-imposed obstacles and deliver the package to his rightful owner? Check out the video below to find out.