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This 32-inch TCL Roku TV is a steal at $119

Perfect for a den or bedroom, the 32S305 has never been priced this low. Plus: a full-face snorkel mask for just $14!

TCL S305 series Roku TV

At $119, the TCL 32S305 is hard to pass up.

Sarah Tew/CNET

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Not long ago I replaced an aging bedroom TV with a model that has built-in Roku. I have to say, I'm surprised by how much I like it -- and for the most trivial of reasons.

First: One less remote to juggle than if I had a "dumb" TV with a plug-in Roku. Second: One less gadget that needs an outlet, and one less cord cluttering up the decor. 

As it happens, I bought a 32-inch model, which proved the perfect size for my bedroom -- and which brings us to today: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Wholesale Connection (via eBay) has the TCL 32S305 32-inch Roku TV for $119 shipped. It normally sells for $149, and according to CamelCamelCamel, which tracks price histories at Amazon, this model has never been priced this low.

The 32S305 features three HDMI inputs, but can also connect to an antenna for watching live TV. If you go that route, there's a secret DVR-like feature you should know about: Roku TVs can pause live TV. All you need is a 16GB flash drive and you can preserve up to 90 minutes' worth of video coming in from the over-the-air antenna.

Beyond that, it's pretty standard Roku fare -- and that's a good thing. (Read CNET's TCL 32S305 review for a deep dive.) Just note that the four shortcut buttons on the remote will likely to be preset to specific services like Netflix, Amazon and the like -- for some reason, the photo shows them as a solid color instead, implying they can be remapped. 

The TV itself tops out at 720p resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate -- both fine for something of this size. There's no mention of sound quality, but I'll offer my usual caveat: Look for a small sound bar or some other kind of external speaker, because the built-in speakers probably aren't great. (On the other hand, they're probably good enough for a den or bedroom?)

This is already a sweet deal at $150, but at $119, you should definitely take a look.


Just $14!


Bonus deal: I've long been intrigued by those full-face snorkel masks, because regular snorkels are, to put it mildly, terrible. But I wasn't willing to pay $25-30 to find out if I liked them.

But $14? Yeah, I'll take a flier on that. You can, too: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Vantrue has the Vangogo 180-degree full-face snorkel mask for $13.99 with promo code CLEARANS. That code works for all colors and sizes. (Speaking of which, check the size chart to see whether you need S/M or L/XL.)

These are cool for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that you don't have to breathe solely through your mouth. The snorkel part prevents water from leaking in and automatically drains it when you surface. Plus, there's a GoPro mount!

I haven't had the chance to try one yet myself, but my kids did -- and they loved them. There are zillions of nearly identical products on Amazon, but almost none priced quite this low. 

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