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Third-generation iPod Touch caught on video?

Video of a purported third-generation Apple iPod Touch has surfaced on Flickr.

Photo of camera on the back of third-generation Apple iPod Touch.
Is this the back of the third-generation iPod Touch? Covino and Rich

After a week filled with Zune HD news, there's nothing like a third-generation iPod Touch sighting to take the wind out of Microsoft's sails.

Images of the alleged camera-wielding iPod Touch surfaced earlier in the day, but were quickly shot down as a fake. Later the same day, a shaky video was published of the supposed iPod Touch, making a more compelling case for its authenticity.

The cynic in me still thinks this may be a second-generation Touch that's had its backing drilled and modified with a convincing camera. It seems odd that beyond the addition of camera, Apple would have left the design of the iPod Touch unchanged. Then again, the iPhone 3GS is a doppelganger for last year's iPhone 3G.

What do you guys think: real or fake?

(Via Engadget)