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ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 looks like an expensive oddity

You have to be a hardcore fan to spend $1,900 for this odd amalgam of old designs with modern components that Lenovo's offering.

Random bits and pieces from previous models add up to a laptop that makes you realize how far laptop design has come. 


I don't feel the nostalgia some people do for their old tech: I don't miss my old Palm Pilot, the Toshiba laptop I paid way too much for in the '90s (the model name of which escapes me), my Canon Elan IIe film camera or any other hardware I've used over the years. So I really don't get why anyone would want to spend $1,900 for a laptop done up with a bunch of design features from yesteryear, even one that was pretty remarkable at launch. (That converts to roughly £1,435 and AU$2,425.)

We're not talking cool retro, like a version of the original 700c might have been; we're talking all the most unique design aspects of different generations of ThinkPads on a single system. This one was crowdsourced from the dreams of ThinkPad fans. And it looks like it. 

That means the random blue Enter key, dedicated audio buttons on top as well as other playback controls with the arrow keys, the home/end/page-up/page-down cluster joined by a huge delete key in a really bad location and the multicolor ThinkPad logo. It also has the "classic" keyboard, but I'm not sure whether that's cosmetic or if it actually replicates the feel of the old laptop keyboard.

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On the inside, it incorporates a Core i7-7500U plus Nvidia GeForce 940MX graphics, plus it has a 14-inch touch display  with 1,920x1,080 resolution. It's essentially a T470p on the inside, but a lot more expensive.

Still, if this is your kind of thing, it's slated to be available, discounted, on on October 5, and it will only be available in limited quantities in select countries.