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Thinking inside the box

The Sanyo HR-T3 Electric Roaster is a boxy kitchen appliance, which may help lead to new culinary ideas in the kitchen.

What's for dinner? Sanyo

For as long as there have been kitchen counters, there have been manufactures eager to make stuff to put on top of them. Kitchens would just not be complete without a fair showing of gadgetry. Those gadgets can range from the useless to the sublime, but at their core they are designed to do one thing: inspire a person to cook. How well any particular appliance does this task is open to debate, but when it comes down to it, having a new toy to play with generally inspires.

The Sanyo HR-T3 Electric Roaster may not be endowed with any revolutionary features, but as a new way of looking at an old friend, perhaps some inspiration can be found. Basically a box with upper-and-lower heating elements, the roaster is as familiar as a toaster oven, and as versatile as an indoor grill. Made for grilling everything from veggies and fish to beef, poultry and pork, the capable countertop box features individual element control for easy cooking with no need to flip foods. A 30-minute timer keeps track of the action and a built-in ceramic filter helps tame smoke and odors.

When finished, the lid, grill, and drip pan are removable for easy cleanup, so no mess need get in the way of exploring new food and having fun in the kitchen.