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ThinkGeek 'sound costume' makes you a monster

Feeling the need to get noticed? Attach this unobtrusive little gadget to your belt and stomp down the street sounding like a raging robot or zombie.

The Mega Stomp Panic comes loaded with nine sound themes, which can be chosen by turning the knob on the unit. ThinkGeek

Imagine the attention you'll command from higher-ups when you enter the boardroom sounding like a giant hydraulic robot crushing everything in its way. Or a zombie dragging a bunch of arms and legs. There is simply no way you will be ignored.

Just in time for Halloween -- or that big meeting where you really need to make an impression -- ThinkGeek is out with the new Mega Stomp Panic, an "audio reality costume" that lets you forgo masks and makeup and "dress up" in sound alone.

Just clip the two-piece gadget to your boring khaki pants, turn it on, and turn yourself into a monster, gunslinger, coin-collecting 8-bit gaming hero, or medieval knight. If you really want to mess with your pals, saunter up on a sunny day sounding like you're splashing in puddles during a rainstorm.

The Mega Stomp comes loaded with nine sound themes that synchronize with your steps using a solid-state accelerometer that senses your vertical movements.

Each step triggers basic walking sound effects, while stomping sets off the big-ticket sounds, thus giving the impression that you and you alone are generating those clanging and squishing noises.

ThinkGeek dubs the $39.99 battery-operated gadget "audio fun for cosplay, Halloween, or everyday stomping about," though you may want to pack it up when you're everyday-walking through airport security.

Now, just one request, ThinkGeek. Please make this thing customizable so we can not only dress like Ruined Spanish Fresco Monkey Jesus this Halloween, but talk like it too.

"Today I'm in the mood to be a steampunk giant robot." Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET