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Don't think, just do...join Apple's Orchard

Apple's new marketing program was formed to attract new talent that acts first and asks questions later. Mavericks. Doers, not thinkers.


Want to join Apple's marketing Orchard? You'll need to be able to keep a straight face.


Apple has a new program to attract marketing talent. It's called "the Orchard." Fact.

On its web page, the program's mission statement says:

The moment is now. Throw everything you know out the window. All in. Head first. Join the Orchard [...] Trust your gut. Challenge our ways. Have an impact on everything you touch. Be prepared to stumble and fumble and embarrass yourself. It will be messy, and it won't be pretty at times, but if you stick together as a team, you'll build a special bond and something truly great will come out of it all. Take it from us. It's the only way. Does this whole proposal sound crazy to you? Good. We like crazy.

The Orchard is "an innovative, creative program in the Marketing Communications group at Apple that includes four art directors, four copywriters and two strategic planners", according to the job requirement page. Applicants need to have up to 3 years of experience. The hiring process will run through November 4, and after that the program will last for 6 months. It's unclear what happens to the group after that, but probably something wacky.

If you want to try your luck, you should apply now. Just make sure you throw everything you know out the window first. But maybe not literally. Probably.