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Think twice before dumping IE as your Web browser

Think twice before dumping IE as your Web browser

Even though using Internet Explorer can expose your business to various attacks, you should think twice before you dump it for another browser, writes TechRepublic security journalist Jonathan Yarden. Yarden often writes about flaws with Microsoft, but in this piece notes that

a) you may be trading functionality for security and losing the ability to view or interact with sites optimized only for the Microsoft standard, and
b) other browsers, especially Firefox, have been subjected to attacks as well. (Firefox last month said it had patched major vulnerabilities.)

In my business and personal use, I use both IE and Firefox and occasionally something else, like Opera, or Safari on a Mac. Basically, I try to use non-IE browsers as much as possible, then switch to IE when I come across a site that has an issue with one of the less popular interfaces. I also have different settings on the browsers to allow for different experiences and different levels of advertising and access. I can then experience what sites are (or are not) doing in different ways and also (I hope) avoid being dependent on or completely exposed to any one issue.