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Think outside the leftovers

The Electric Ebelskiver Maker offers an easy way to make unique spherical treats. The countertop appliance is a fun alternative to everyday food options.

What will you put in your ebelskiver?
What will you put in your ebelskiver? Williams-Sonoma

Leftover turkey offers a seemingly endless supply of options for meal times, with the key word being "seemingly." No matter how delicious or succulent the Thanksgiving bird may have been, there comes a time to quit turkey, uh, cold turkey.

When looking for something different in the kitchen it is not always a matter of shoving leftovers aside while rooting about in the fridge. Sometimes what is needed to move outside of the comfort zone of comfort food is an appliance that requires one to think outside the box.

Used to make little spheres of deliciousness, the Electric Ebelskiver Maker is a unique way to expand the capabilities of the home kitchen. Designed (or at least marketed) specifically for use as a means to make the Danish-style pancake treats known as ebelskivers, the reality is the only thing holding one back from trying new things is their imagination (as well as their leftovers supply).

The idea is to create filled popover-like treats by pouring batter into the nine indentations. A variable temperature control allows for users to determine the rate of browning. Add a dollop of jam, chocolate, or fruit, rotate the partially cooked batter, and the resultant creations are soon ready to eat. How well they work with turkey and gravy, however, will be up to you to decide.