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Things get awkward when couples bring Facebook behaviors to real life

Couples do some pretty weird stuff online, but things get really strange when they take that behavior into the real word, as evidenced by this video from CollegeHumor.

You probably all know a couple that tends to overshare things on Facebook, using the social network as a way to have public conversations that would best be taken offline.

A new parody video from College Humor illustrates this point by showing what it would look like if these couples acted the same way in real life as they do on Facebook. In the clip, we see a young couple eagerly oversharing articles, butting into other people's private discussions and having loud conversations with each other that everyone in the office can hear.

You know, things nobody but them cares about, but everyone sees on their News Feed because the couple felt the need to share it with the rest of the world for some reason -- right down to the bitter breakup and beyond.

You can watch the clip above; maybe it'll inspire us all to think twice before sharing every little thought that pops into our heads on social media.