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Thieves nab $4 million in memory chips

Police appeal to the tech industry for help after memory chips worth more than $4 million are stolen from a warehouse near Heathrow Airport in London.

Police are searching for a gang that stole memory chips worth more than $4 million from a warehouse near London's Heathrow Airport on Monday morning.

The chips had been imported from Korea, and police believe that the theft--which is suspected to have taken place in the early hours of the morning--was carefully planned.

"The items stolen are a large quantity of computer memory chips, and it would be difficult to dispose of this quantity without already having plans in place," said Detective Chief Inspector Rupert Hollis of Heathrow CID, according to BBC Online.

The chips were stored in 290 boxes, which it is thought were loaded into a white "box" delivery truck. This truck was accompanied by a second light-blue vehicle, possibly a Ford.

Police believe the U.K. computer industry may be able to help solve the crime.

"I would ask everyone in the computer industry to contact police if they have any information about this theft, or if they get offered memory chips from unusual sources or at cut price," Hollis said.

Last summer, mobile phones worth around $4.7 million were stolen from a warehouse near Heathrow.

ZDNet UK's Graeme Wearden reported from London.