They're not thumbdrives, they're handdrives (or something)

For those with questionable taste, form over function reaches USB jump drives once again.

Tech Culture

I'm really not sure who these hand-gesture thumbdrives are supposed to impress, but I kind of want one. But only kind of. I, being a rocker, would take the devil horns first. The other one's got a weird Dan Brown thing going on, and it kind of creeps me out.

The main reservation I have is how these would feel in my pocket. The drive I carry in my back pocket now is fairly small and unobtrusive. Something like this would definitely be noticed were I to have a seat on a hard surface. At least it would remind me to get the work stored on there done.

The drives come in three colors and cost $35 for a 2GB version, which sounds a little high. However, you're paying for the novelty, not the capacity, so I can see why some people wouldn't have a problem with that.


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