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These slick, geeky playing cards are all about the code

The beautifully designed code:deck playing cards from Varianto:25 prominently feature code in 13 different programming languages.

These geeky playing cards show you the code for every card. Varianto:25

Should your playing cards be as geeky as the card games you're playing?

That's the premise behind code:deck, a set of playing cards from Varianto:25, a Bulgaria-based startup that makes fun products for developers. In addition to showing cards in the traditional graphical format displaying letters, numbers and suits, the deck shows how the symbols would be coded in various programming languages both prominent and wacky.

Each card value (twos, threes, Jacks, etc.) has a different coding language associated with it, so the deck covers a total of 13 programming languages. The code for each particular card is found in a black box in the center of the card, with the programming language featured on the top, right-hand corner above the box.

Who knows? The code:deck cards could get your creative coding juices flowing. Varianto:25

The programming language associated with each card value is as follows:

  • 2: Assembly
  • 3: Bash
  • 4: C++
  • 5: Brainfu*k
  • 6: Python
  • 7: Objective-C
  • 8: C#
  • 9: JAVA
  • 10: PHP
  • Jack: JavaScript
  • Queen: CSS
  • King: HTML
  • Ace: SQL

The results are some pretty slick-looking playing cards that might also teach you a bit about coding if you aren't already a skilled developer. If nothing else, they'd make a fun talking point for your next geeky game gathering, especially if you've never heard of the eccentric programming language Brainfu*k.

The code:deck playing cards are available for $10 (about £6.50, AU $14) plus $5 shipping and handling to anywhere in the world (about £3, AU $7) from the Varianto:25 store.