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These rad Skechers let you play the memory game Simon

Your kids are totally going to want these new Game Kicks sneakers, which let you wear and play the memory game Simon on your feet.

These Skechers Game Kicks let kids take a break from walking to play a game of Simon. Anthony Domanico/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- Skechers is known for making kids' shoes with fun designs and lights, which are presumably meant to keep your uncontrollable kids entertained. At Pepcom's Digital Experience event on Monday, shoemaker Skechers unveiled a kids' shoe that kicks the entertainment up a notch with a full game of Simon right on the shoe.

For boys, the shoe comes in black with the traditional Simon buttons. The girls' version has flowery game buttons. I played the game on both a boys' pair and a girls' pair, and the game and accompanying sounds are just like what I remember from my childhood. The shoes will come in all kid sizes and will be available in February in Skechers retail stores, on and at select retail partners. They will set you back $65 a pair in the US, with UK and Australian prices yet to be announced (the US price converts to roughly £45 or AU$80).

Sadly, they don't make these in adult sizes yet -- believe me, I asked several times! -- but maybe if we hassle them enough we too can run around playing Simon on our shoes. For now, our kids get to have all the fun.

And, in true CES fashion, there is a gigantic Skechers Game Kicks shoe on the show floor. Anthony Domanico/CNET