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These pictures stink

EasySmell PU 705 offers scented metadata.

You've seen pictures that lie, and cameras that help you fake it. But did you ever think we would finally get to the scratch and sniff stage?

The EasySmell PU 705 digital camera, announced on Saturday at a press event in Tokyo, will offer seven distinct scent modes.

It's based on the same type of technology that scientists pondered for .

The scent modes include "cheese," "chocolate," "beach," "floral," "cocktail party," "rain" or "diesel" (my personal favorite).

Users choose scent modes as they do scene modes for better photos. The chosen scent is saved with the digital photo as metadata. Any computer with EasySmell software and the accompanying scent emitter plugged in to its USB port can play the chosen scent whenever the photo is viewed.

The scents automatically change with corresponding photos during a slide show, and can even been smelled when viewed on a Web page.