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These Nissan office chair prototypes move all by themselves

We're one step closer to our automated future as Nissan imagines office chairs that arrange themselves around desks or the conference room table.

Just clap, and this chair will automatically park itself under the table.


If you've seen the Disney movie "Wall-E," you've seen a future in which technology does everything for us so we never have to lift a finger.

Nissan, it appears, is bringing that future closer to reality. The carmaker released a video to its global YouTube channel Sunday showing off smart office chairs that automatically park themselves under desks or around the conference room table with a simple clap of the hands.

In the clip, we see employees in typical office garb standing around and clapping at chairs that have been strewn around the room. But instead of just staying put, as most chairs are wont to do, Nissan's chairs carefully move over to their assigned location at the conference table, orient themselves and park themselves neatly underneath.

The chairs are able to accomplish this thanks to motion cameras on the walls that beam data over a Wi-Fi network to a computer that issues commands to the chairs. It's all pretty fascinating stuff, but it solves a "problem" that only exists for those of us who are too lazy to actually push our chairs in after we get up.

Of course, the whole thing is just a marketing stunt to promote Nissan's smart vehicle-parking technology, and there don't seem to be any plans to make such a product at this time. But now that Nissan has shown it's possible, it isn't hard to imagine these things being a real product around the office one day.

Next up: desks that automatically de-clutter all the junk you leave on top of them?