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These luxury iPhone XS and XS Plus phones start at $10,000

Bling and, indeed, bling.

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Apple hasn't yet lifted the curtains on its next handsets, but luxury custom phone maker Brikk already has big plans for the phones. 

Rather than just wrapping the devices in a case, Brikk bundles iPhones in its own customised bodies made from luxury materials. The Brikk Carbon iPhone XS (assuming that's what Apple calls the phones) will start at $9,995 (about £7,650, AU$13,940) and come wrapped in the same carbon fibre found on recent Lamborghinis, Brill explains. The Brikk logo -- made from solid gold, of course -- replaces the Apple logo.


The carbon iPhone XS Max (or Plus, if you will) will start at $11,995. 

Both phones will also be available with custom-made ceramic bodies in either white or black, costing $12,995 for the iPhone XS or $14,995 for the XS Plus.

If you want to go whole hog, however, Brikk can spec you up a handset made from gold and inlaid with diamonds from its "Haute Omni" collection. Prices for that baby aren't yet known, but you can expect it won't come cheap.

Brikk has made special versions of Apple phones before, as well as the Apple Watch and Airpods. The phones are, understandably, made to order and won't be available to buy until Apple's standard versions hit shelves. 

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