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These discounted Apple Watch chargers solve your travel woes

One is compact enough to carry on your keychain, the other doubles as a desktop dock.


It's an Apple Watch charging dock, an Apple Watch mobile charger and a standard-issue USB power bank.


So you scored a great deal on an Apple Watch, and hopefully some great cheap Apple Watch accessories as well. Now you need to figure out how to travel with it. For all its advanced features, the Apple Watch still can't last more than about 18 hours without returning to its charger. So if you're going on a trip, you either need to pack that charger or find a portable solution.

I recommend the latter. It's not a good idea to take your one and only charger on the road, because it's so easily lost or forgotten. It's also a hassle if you've set it up for permanent residence on your nightstand.

I've got two options for you, both of them discounted. 

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Choetech's latest (pictured above) may just be my favorite Apple Watch accessory to date, because you can use it both at home and when you travel. At home, it's a watch stand/charger that resides inside a dock. On the road, it's a watch charger and standard-issue power bank, one with a Type-A USB port and 5,000-mAh battery. (The aforementioned dock keeps it topped off.)

If you use it just for your watch, you should get as many as six full recharges. But it's always great to have the option of recharging your phone as well, just in case.

Use promo code 8ZHVYXLS to get the discounted price. It's live for a limited time.

Just taking a long weekend? Maybe a simple keychain charger is all you need. This compact Choetech battery should be able to recharge your Apple Watch two or three times, depending on the size and model.

Use promo code 59LW553G to get the discounted price. It's live for a limited time.

Have you found a portable Apple Watch charging solution you like better? Tell me about it in the comments!

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