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These are the top 10 'boycott Prime Day' states in the US, according to tweets

Geotagged Twitter data shows the states least happy about Amazon’s Prime Day.


Twitter is abuzz with promises of boycotting Amazon Prime Day. 

Angela Lang/CNET

Amazon's annual Prime Day kicks off Monday, but not everyone is excited for the tornadic frenzy of digital sales. A new map from product review site My Daily Dose shows the frequency of tweets related to boycotting Prime Day, with Minnesota taking the top spot.

Prime Day, Amazon's massive annual sale, is July 15-16. The company's competitors are also holding sales around the same time, with Walmart's running from July 14-17eBay's Crash Sale on July 15 and Target's Deal Days sale on July 15-16.

Here are the 10 states tweeting most about skipping out on Amazon Prime Day:

  1. Minnesota
  2. New York
  3. Rhode Island
  4. Vermont
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Washington
  7. Oregon
  8. Massachusetts
  9. Maine
  10. South Dakota
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It might not be surprising that Minnesota took the top spot. Workers in the Minneapolis warehouse are planning a six-hour Prime Day strike, with the employees protesting for better working conditions. Washington, home to Amazon's Seattle headquarters, and New York, home to a nixed second headquarters site, also had a high volume of boycott tweets. 

My Daily Dose

My Daily Dose collected the data with trends software and direct access to geotagged Twitter data.

Twitter and Amazon didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.