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Kohls' Black Friday deals: Here are the ones you should care about

Images that claim to be Kohl's deals have leaked -- here are some deals to keep an eye on.

Black Friday is upon us with a deluge of Black Friday promotions and leaks. This collection of images weighs in at a dizzying 64 pages, but allegedly shows off the deals that Kohl's is preparing.

Buyer beware: these leaked promotions may not be final, or completely accurate. But it's still worth keeping an eye out.

If you're shopping online, the sale started on November 23. But there are also a few items that'll only be available in store, starting at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, November 26.


Canon EOS Rebel T5 bundle, $399: The Rebel T5 doesn't really stand out all that much among entry-level DSLRs, but it's still a rather capable device. This bundle sweetens the deal a bit: you're getting a camera bag, but you'll also pick up two lenses: an 18-55mm and a 75-300mm. At $400 less than you'd normally pay, it's a nice little starter kit for a budding photographer.

Microsoft Xbox One Lego Movie bundle, $299: This bundled gets you a downloadable copy of The Lego Movie game, and an Xbox One with a 500GB hard drive. It'll save you about $50 over the standard bundle, but it could still be a nice touch if you're looking to save a bit on the console.

Sony Play Station 4 Uncharted bundle, $299: This bundle gets you the Uncharted remastered collection, and a 500GB PlayStation 4 to play it on. It's not too much cheaper than the standard price, but you're saving $50, so it could be worth a look.

Fitbit Charge HR , $119: There are a dizzying number of wrist-borne smart devices out there, and the Fitbit Charge HR is a great option. This isn't a huge discount at $30 less than you'd normally pay, but it remains a good buy.

Sony PlayStation 4 Dual Shock/Microsoft Xbox One wireless controller, $10 off: If you're picking up an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 from one of the many deals that'll be available on Black Friday, you're probably going to want to grab a spare controller. This is a tiny discount, but still pretty good.