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These are the best National DNA Day deals

Celebrate everyone's favorite acid (deoxyribonucleic, of course) with big savings on DNA test kits. And Friday: Free pretzels. (No, really.)

Living DNA

Thursday, April 25, is National DNA Day, because of course it is. It's also my mom's birthday, which seems symbolic somehow. (Because, you know, my DNA came from her, and... Oh, whatever. Happy birthday, Mom!)

Actually, the day specifically commemorates the publication, in 1953, of a Nature paper describing the structure of DNA. On the same day in 2003, the Human Genome Project was declared "near complete." (Why not totally complete? Because "the remaining tiny gaps [were] considered too costly to fill.")

OK, then. In honor of National DNA Day (and, in some cases, because Mother's Day is approaching), various companies are offering discounts on DNA-based ancestry/genealogy kits. Take a look:

23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit: $169 (save $30)


Named after the 23 chromosomes found in human cells, 23andMe offers quite a large range of tests, including health, traits and ancestry -- all of which are covered by this comprehensive kit. 

See at 23andMe

AncestryDNA kit: $69 (save $30)

Ian Knighton/CNET

How much do you know about your family tree -- specifically, the roots?'s DNA kit promises to estimate your ethnicity, trace your global origins and even provide matches to (potentially long-lost) living relatives.

Pro tip: Ebates users can save an extra 7.5% in the form of a cash-back rebate.

The offer ends April 25.

See at Ancestry
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FamilyTreeDNA Family Ancestry Kit: $49 (save $30)


FamilyTreeDNA's kit offers basic ancestry testing, relying on autosomal DNA to determine the percentage breakdown of your origins, explore your connection with ancient groups and possibly locate DNA relatives.

See at FamilyTreeDNA

HomeDNA Starter Test: $59 with promo code HOM20STR (save $10)


HomeDNA is kind of like the Walmart of DNA testing, with different test kits to determine food and pet sensitivity, diet and exercise strategies based on your genetic makeup, paternity and even skin care. This one promises to determine your ancestors' origins and modern population matches.

See at HomeDNA

Living DNA 3-in-1 Ancestry Kit: $59 (save $40)

Living DNA

Living DNA's test is quite comprehensive if you're researching your background. It covers your overall ancestry, motherline and fatherline. Plus, DNA-matching is now available as part of open beta testing.

See at Living DNA

Embark Dog DNA Test Kit: $129 (save $70)

Embark Veterinary

Assuming you can get Fido to sit still for a cheek swab, this kit will tell you his breed, ancestry and even his doggy relatives.

See at Amazon

While we're on the subject of important days, this is good time to mention that Friday, April 26, is National Pretzel Day, and you can score a free Original Pretzel at your local Wetzel's Pretzels.

Originally published on April 24, 2019.
Update, April 25: Added Embark.

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