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There's now an official Nintendo Switch Stylus

So far, it appears to be available only in Nintendo's UK store.


Game of sums.

Nintendo UK/Screenshot by CNET

There's now an official Nintendo Switch Stylus, but so far the accessory appears to be available only in the company's UK store. The stylus costs £6.99 (that's about $9 in the US and $13 in Australia) and was released Friday, according to the product listing. Unlike some of the brightly colored Switch Joy-Con controllers, the stylus is a simple dark gray with the word Nintendo on its side.

The listing for the stylus, which was spotted earlier by Eurogamer, says it doesn't work with the Switch when docked. The stylus is compatible with the games Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training and Super Mario Maker 2

A representative for Nintendo of America said the company didn't have any information on whether the accessory would become available in the US. 

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