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There's no iPhone 3G in the iPhone accessories store

Griffin offers more accessories for the iPhone 3G.

Griffin's TuneBuds Mobile headphones make it less obvious that you are using an Apple product. Griffin

Well, sure, there are accessories, but I want the iPhone 3G! Don't you?

You are not alone. I've been to many AT&T and Apple stores over the last few days--the furthest of those being in Sacramento. (I live in the Bay Area and went there to visit some friends over the weekend.). At each AT&T store I was told to wait for more stock, and at every Apple store I got discouraged by the long line and withdrew. It's crazy.

Now, I can't help but wonder why Apple is doing this. Obviously they have tons of iPhone 3Gs at the Apple stores, but they only supply limited amounts to the AT&T stores. My only guess is that Steve Jobs gets a kick out of our frustration from waiting in line for a product that he's deliberately stripped of many basic features, knowing that we'll get even more frustrated when we actually get one. And yet we can't help wanting it. How embarrassing!

So, to ease the pain and make the wait worthwhile, why not just go get some accessories instead? You will want to have some of them anyway.

If you haven't found anything you want in my last blog, Griffin today introduced another slewof stuff that you can use with your iPhone 3G. The list includes:

- Wave for iPhone 3G: $24.99

- Nu Form with EasyDock: $24.99

- Elan Clip for iPhone 3G: $24.99

-Streamline for iPhone: $29.99

- TuneBuds: $19.99

- TuneBuds Mobile: $39.99

- StereoConnect: $14.99

Personally, I like the TuneBuds Mobile, as the original white headphones that come with the iPhone are just too telling (like "Look at me! I have an Apple product!") and don't offer very good bass.