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TheKube2: A mini-MP3 player hit from Singapore

TheKube2 MP3 player from Singapore is billed as "the world's smallest touch MP3 player in the world." It's plotting a global takeover starting at CES.

theKube2 MP3 player
Is that an MP3 player or a model of a Borg spaceship? Amanda Kooser/CNET

LAS VEGAS--The miniscule theKube2 MP3 player has been a runaway hit sold through 7-Eleven stores in Singapore. Now its maker is hoping it goes big in the U.S. after a CES launch.

The main selling point for the wee little music box is its wee little size. Bluetree Electronics calls it the "smallest touch MP3 player in the world."

theKube2 with skin
Interchangeable skins spice up the visuals. Bluetree Electronics

You could lose it in the depths of a big pocket. It's so small, a pet rat could use it. A very technically advanced pet rat, that is.

Despite its size, theKube2 is pretty sturdy. The body is made from aluminum so you don't accidentally crush it with your mighty fingers while you're using the touch interface.

Once you get used to where the touch controls are located, theKube2 is pretty intuitive to use. It won't do anything fancy like download apps, build playlists, or make lunch, but it does a good job of just playing music.

TheKube2 comes with a 4GB microSD card, but that can be upgraded to hold more songs. Changeable skins allow for customization. It will be retailing for around $60.

This little MP3 player just might be small enough and unusual enough to justify adding it to a gadget collection for those times when you don't want to hook headphones up to your smartphone.