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The ZTE Score gets a sporty makeover for MetroPCS

Renamed as the ZTE Score M, the device on MetroPCS' network gets a redesign and a longer-lasting battery.

Josh Miller/CNET

About a month ago in March, I got my hands on the ZTE Score by Cricket Wireless. Aside from its decent call quality, there wasn't much to write home about. The device had a unresponsive touch screen and its speed (both in relation to the processor and network) was sluggish.

Tacking on an extra "M" at the end of its name (I'm assuming it stands for MetroPCS...or maybe marshmallows?), MetroPCS got a hold of the device, changed up the design a bit to accommodate a larger battery (the original score had a 1,200mAh battery; this one has a 1,500mAh), and replaced Cricket's music portal, Muve Music, with Rhapsody Unlimited.

To check out more of what's different on the ZTE Score M, including some slight performance characteristics, read my full review here.