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The 'Zeppelin' speaker, sans Led

With looks this good, who cares what it sounds like?


Ever since we were kids, Crave has always been fascinated with blimps. To this day we still idolize the dirigible, though the atrocious Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow did its best to ruin the image forever.

That's probably why we're partial to the "Zeppelin" from B&W Loudspeakers, the first of its kind for the iPod that's shaped like the airship of yesteryear. SCI FI Tech says the 2-foot-long system backs up its design with some impressive acoustic muscle--"five drivers including a 5-inch woofer, glass-fiber cones and those sweet tapered tubes for the tweeters."

The $600 price tag makes it more than a novelty item, but how often to you get a chance to have your very own blimp? But the real reason for this post, we admit, is that it affords us another excuse to mention "Oh, The Huge Manatee."