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The Xerox Phaser 6022/NI wireless color laser printer is now just $70

You can snag this printer for about what it might cost to replace the ink in your current printer.


The Xerox Phaser 6022/NI is a wireless color laser printer that's available for $70.


Every once in a while I run across a printer so inexpensive that it's cheaper to replace your current printer rather than swap out ink cartridges. Case in point: Right now, you can snag the Xerox Phaser 6022/NI Wireless Color Laser Printer for $70 at Staples when you apply coupon code 48492. That's about 75% off the list price of $280, and it's still a healthy discount compared to $110, which is the current price I found for it over at Amazon from third-party sellers.

If you're looking for photo printing, a laser printer admittedly isn't the best choice, but for day-to-day document duty, the Phaser 6022/NI checks all the boxes. It prints up to 18 pages per minute and spits out the first sheet in 12 seconds. It has a 150-page tray and a monthly duty cycle of 30,000 pages (and if you print more than that, well, respect).

And as the name of the printer suggests, it's wireless, able to connect via standard Wi-Fi as well as Wi-Fi Direct, and has both USB and Ethernet ports as well.

When it comes time to replace the toner, a complete set of genuine Xerox toner cartridges runs a heart-stopping $280, which is four times what this printer costs right now. But don't let that scare you away from this deal. There are a slew of inexpensive third-party options, like this Do It Wiser four-pack for $38

If you're considering the Phaser 6022/NI, you might not want to dilly-dally. We found this deal in progress, and so it could, like the cyan you desperately need to print your PowerPoint handouts, disappear at any time.

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