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The world's biggest laptop (screen)

The world's biggest laptop (screen)

Maker of the nicest laptops not available in the United States, Samsung has announced plans to bring out the first notebook to feature a 19-inch display at a trade show in Berlin later this week. Among other high-end specs, the Samsung M70 will feature a detatchable display with a fine 1,680x1,050 native resolution and a DVI port. Traditionally, the bigger the display, the heavier the laptop, but Samsung reportedly has said that the M70 will weigh about as much as the 6.6-pound M40, which features a 17-inch display.

Will Dell, which has rebranded and sold Samsung notebooks in the past, do it again with the M70? In the near term, the M70 will be available in Europe starting in October for an undisclosed price. More details and specs here and here.