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The world through a USB port

Sprint sells USB modem for $50

Eons ago, before free Wi-Fi networks existed (yes, there was once such a time), we experimented with a wireless laptop modem that theoretically worked with our Motorola cell phone. It was a bizarre-looking setup that would have had us clip the handset to our notebook screen if necessary to get a better signal.

USB modem

Naturally, it was an unmitigated disaster that ended up costing more than the phone itself. And, of course, we never were able to browse the Web even once. So imagine our delight at learning of Novatel's "Ovation" USB modem, which Engadget notes is available on Sprint's site for just $50 after rebates and such, promising full Internet access through its broadband network. Let's just hope that Novatel resists the urge to dress it up like other USB devices we know.