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The wisdom of the clouds: an introduction

My name is James Urquhart, and I am the author of The Wisdom of the Clouds. Please join me as I seek the key business and technological insights that drive cloud computing adoption, or even its resistance.


With that single word, an ongoing discussion makes its leap from the pages of a humble blog to the illustrious address of My name is James Urquhart, and I am the author of The Wisdom of Clouds (now "The Wisdom of the Clouds"), an in depth look at cloud computing and its consequences for the enterprise and the individual. With a small but loyal following (that I hope actually makes the transition with me here), I'm proud of the influence that this blog has had on the cloud computing conversation.

For those that know me, rest assured that I will continue to look for the key insights into the technological, business and philosophical ideas that will drive cloud computing adoption, or even its resistance. I continue to be overwhelmed with both the challenges and opportunities surrounding cloud computing adoption. There is much to write about.

For those that don't know me, I hope to convince you that cloud computing is a revolutionary technology solution to some difficult business problems, and that while there is much to be excited about, a little skepticism is often in order here.

To give you a sense of what I write about, here is a list of the top 6 posts from the old incarnation of the blog:

Please do me the honor of subscribing to The Wisdom of the Clouds, and I'll take you through the hype in search of veins of insight and wisdom.

By the way, in addition to this blog I also do a podcast with Geva Perry of Gigaspaces, called Overcast, and I write regularly for the Cisco Data Center Networks blog. Full disclosure: I am an employee of Cisco systems, where I am the Market Manager for Cloud Computing and Virtualization for the Data Center Solutions group, though this blog will remain an independent voice and treat all vendors reasonably equally. It is important to note that my opinions are my own and not necessarily that of Cisco Systems, Inc. or CNET.

And awaaaaayyy we go!