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'The Wire' in remastered HD coming to HBO Go and iTunes

After an absence of six years, crime series "The Wire" will appear on US screens of all kinds in December 2014 in remastered 1080p.

If there was ever a worse tourism ad for a city, apart from the Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Ad, it would be what "The Wire" did for Baltimore. The gritty crime show -- originally aired in 4:3 -- was nevertheless a favorite with critics and fans and ended its run in 2008.

And now, you will be able to see the grime and anti-glamor of the former US capital in pristine HD, as "The Wire" heads to HBO Go and iTunes in the coming month.

The series has been remastered from the original 35mm negative -- no reverse pan-and-scan shenanigans here -- and will hit HBO Go (and HBO Signature in a 24-hour marathon) in full 16:9 glory on December 26, 2014. The entire series will be available to purchase on iTunes, Google Play, Xbox Video and Vudu on January 5, 2015.