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The wine cooler from outer space

It looks like a robot from the '50s, and we don't know who needs one.


Our appreciation of wine notwithstanding, we're not so sure about the need for tabletop digital coolers.

The "Waring Pro" model that we posted earlier this year, for example, apparently had been discounted from $120 to $24 at Kohl's before being pulled from its virtual shelves altogther. Still, others keep coming on the market despite this apparently unconvincing demand.

Waeco's "MyFridge MF-1W" wine cooler--sorry, that's wine "climatiser," according to Appliancist--seems to do pretty much the same thing as the Waring Pro but for more money. It also has the look of a tin robot from a '50s sci-fi movie.

For $143, the least they could have done was included an MP3 player. Besides, since when does Thunderbird need to be chilled anyway?