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Kids' band The Wiggles invades iPhone 6S event in this parody video

The Wiggles replace OneRepublic as Apple's featured musical guest at Wednesday's iPhone event in this parody video from YouTube filmmaker David Elmaleh.

The Wiggles really like to eat (eat, eat) apples and bananas, so it's only fitting that the popular Australian children's band closed out Apple's iPhone, iPad and Apple TV event on Wednesday.

Or at least that's how the event played out in this parody video from YouTube filmmaker David Elmaleh, who took footage from the Apple event and added some singing and dancing from The Wiggles. The clip opens with Apple CEO Tim Cook introducing the "sensational music act," then cuts to The Wiggles performing one of their hit songs "Hot Potato."

The video then shows Cook, Senior Vice President of of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller and several other Apple executives dancing along to what Cook describes as one of his favorite bands.

You can wiggle along with The Wiggles in the video above. And if you still can't get enough Apple, be sure to read CNET's full coverage of everything that happened at Wednesday's Apple event.