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The weirdly minimalist trailer for 'Funny Or Die' Steve Jobs movie

"iSteve" promises to be, well, something. The teaser trailer teases and leaves one trailing.

He is Justin Long. He is Apple. Funny Or Die screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Steve Jobs was always a fine salesman.

The people at Funny Or Die involved in making "iSteve" -- a movie of his life -- are similarly inventive.

I was breathlessly sent a link this morning to the teaser trailer for this movie. It promised: "The trailer for iSteve, Funny or Die's Steve Jobs movie with Justin Long is finally here."

That, it is. But it's quite a minimalist trailer.

There are few real, well, pictures.

There are words, however.

"Genius left unchecked can lead to ruin," says someone.

"You gotta ride the wave of the future," offers someone else.

"Nothing matters to Steve Jobs except Steve Jobs!" shouts someone, apparently frustrated.

"Go find yourself. And when you get back, I'm going to be right here," says a lady with a voice that makes me wish she'd said it to me.

This movie is due for release on April 15. But I cannot tell you whether it's a serious movie or a funny movie to die for. Neither can this trailer.

However, near the end, we see Long's screwed-up face insisting: "I am Apple!" And, for a time, he was.

Word from inside the vaults of this project is that the editing process isn't quite done. So the mystery will have to continue.

I can only hope that Funny Or Die's servers will be able to cope with the demand that will be magically thrust upon them April 15.