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The week's Best New Music--a new Music video report

The editors of Download Music face the CNET TV cameras and give the lowdown on the best songs of the week.

Download Music Crew

Everyone likes to know what everyone else is listening to, right? At Download Musicwe listen to a lot of music each and every day, and so we decided it was about time to get up from our desks, face the cameras (courtesy of our friends at CNET TV), and talk about some of the best songs and albums we've heard lately.

Our new weekly video report has the brilliantly simple title, Best New Music--clever, eh?--and includes photos, video clips, and songs as well as our bright and sunny personas. Give it a whirl, then check Download Music to hip yourself to even more. This week's artists include Bright Eyes, LCD Soundsystem, and Lucinda Williams, as well as an undeniably enjoyable new Earth, Wind & Fire tribute album.