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The weather-predicting wristwatch

From Oregon Scientific, it tracks barometric trends up to 24 hours in advance.

Oregon Scientific

If you've ever spent much time in the Pacific Northwest, you'd understand why Oregon Scientific is obsessed with weather gadgets. And if you've ever spent much time in England, you'd be sympathetic.

It makes perfect sense, therefore, that U.K.-based Pocket-lint jumped on a new item from the Portland company that claims to forecast the next day's weather with sophisticated meteorological functions crammed into a wristwatch. The "Meteo" tracks barometric pressure trends displayed on a reverse LCD screen to predict atmospheric conditions 12 to 24 hours ahead.

The waterproof gadget also serves as a thin timepiece and stopwatch, so you won't feel foolish for having spent $70 on it while wearing shorts and an aloha shirt in the pouring rain.