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The waterless car wash

Spray this stuff on your car and it's clean.

It's chemistry for washing your car.

Lucky Earth Products has come up with a liquid, called Green Earth Waterless Car Wash, that lets you wash your car without buckets, hoses, brushes, or gallons of water. The compound--made out of water, coconut extracts, silicone, and a bit of salt--gets misted onto your car. Once there, it attracts dirt via electrostatic principles and encapsulates it. The owner then wipes their car with a soft cloth.

Clean away Michael Kanellos/CNET

A $20 jug containing 32 ounces of the liquid is good for about 10 car washes. Additionally, the company has liquids for cleaning tires (Tire Shine) and stains (Oopsie Baby).

The race car circuit uses a similar method for washing their cars, explained Tamara Garcia, a Lucky Earth representative. The company basically took the idea but came up with a cleaning formula that is made from more environmentally friendly substances.

The idea behind the company is both to conserve water and reduce caustic chemical consumption. Water shortages are moving into the crisis mode in places like Australia and Georgia: eliminating car washes won't reverse the problem, but it's a step toward conservation. A typical car wash uses 20 to 45 gallons at a professional car wash, according to the company. At home, you can use up to 140 gallons. Thus, a single 32-ounce bottle can save 200 to 1,400 gallons of water.

The chemicals used in Green Earth are also environmentally friendly. The company founder got the inspiration for starting the company from his daughter, who would get sick after going to the car wash.

The company currently sells its products in Whole Foods in the Los Angeles area but will move into the Georgia market next month.