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The watch that refused to die

Or dim, at least, for a full 10 years thanks to its tritium tubes.

Photo by Reactor Watches

Its name may not be as menacing as the "Radio Active" watch, but this timepiece could be right out of a '50s B-movie in all its grainy atomic glory. Just like the creatures and objects regularly exposed to dangerous radiation levels at drive-ins across America every Saturday night in those days, the "Superluminova" made by Reactor Watches will glow day and night for a full 10 years.

But rather than the bomb, this watch owes its luminescence to tritium-filled tubes that need only a few rays of light to recharge instantly, according to Gadget Venue. Other than that spooky feature, it looks pretty much like a conventional analog watch--which, we hasten to add, is a refreshing change from so many other timepieces we've seen on Crave.