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The watch that refused to die

Or dim, at least, for a full 10 years thanks to its tritium tubes.

Reactor Watches

Its name may not be as menacing as the "Radio Active" watch, but this timepiece could be right out of a '50s B-movie in all its grainy atomic glory. Just like the creatures and objects regularly exposed to dangerous radiation levels at drive-ins across America every Saturday night in those days, the "Superluminova" made by Reactor Watches will glow day and night for a full 10 years.

But rather than the bomb, this watch owes its luminescence to tritium-filled tubes that need only a few rays of light to recharge instantly, according to Gadget Venue. Other than that spooky feature, it looks pretty much like a conventional analog watch--which, we hasten to add, is a refreshing change from so many other timepieces we've seen on Crave.