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The wall unit gets a much-needed facelift

It's not the '70s version, thank goodness.

Gruber Schlager

As far as furniture goes, nothing makes us shudder more than two words: wall unit. Anyone who lived through the '70s will remember the oak-veneered, round-cornered shelves that could be stacked or assembled together, forming an unsightly mass on which to place innumerable ceramic Garfields and prom photos. So we were slightly afraid to look at Gruber Schlager's "Cubiko TV Wall Unit" based on its name alone but, thankfully, it had none of those lovely trappings.

The concept is similar--addressing several home entertainment needs at once--yet the Cubiko has been updated for the digital era, in form as well as function. For one thing, today's flat screens allow the TV to be concealed when not in use, elevated by remote control from the back of the cabinet. While that's nothing new, this version does make a unique statement as a stunning accent piece in and of itself, with finishes in various woods and enamels, as Trendir notes.

Of course, as far as elevator TVs are concerned, it's hard to beat the televsion-equipped bed or spa.