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The Walking Dead season 9 poster reveals a wrecked Washington

And what's that helicopter about?


The Walking Dead may be heading to Washington.


Rick Grimes may be heading for the US Capitol when The Walking Dead returns for season 9.

A new poster revealed Thursday to promote the AMC show's San Diego Comic-Con panel shows Andrew Lincoln's Grimes standing in front of a ruined Washington with his allies. And supporting evidence of a time jump, Rick's got a new haircut to go along with the new season.

And flying just above them is a mysterious helicopter, one that was glimpsed during the previous season. The helicopter holds a lot of promise to potentially change up the show, which enters season 9 with behind-the-scenes change-ups with new executive producer Angela Kang, the planned departure of Andrew Lincoln's Grimes and the possible departure of Lauren Cohan's Maggie from the series (the actress is set to lead ABC's upcoming Whiskey Cavalier series).

More details will be announced during The Walking Dead's San Diego Comic-Con panel, which is set for Friday, July 20 at 12:15 p.m. in Hall H. For more details on The Walking Dead season 9, check out this roundup from our sister site

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