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'The Walking Dead' season 5 trailer, in Lego

Never turn your back on a zombie, including one made from Legos. Even in minifigure form, Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors are ready to fight for their lives.

Even in Lego form, zombies still have to eat. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Police officer Rick Grimes has faced every kind of zombie nightmare as he has led a group of survivors to temporary safety in AMC's popular horror series "The Walking Dead."

But now Rick and the group must do whatever it takes to live through the terror at Terminus. Only who will they choose to trust?

Thanks to YouTube user kristo499, the otherwise creepy original trailer for "The Walking Dead" season 5 is a bit easier to watch when it's re-created shot for shot in Lego.

Every scene from the trailer is painstakingly redone with Lego bricks and minifigs right down to the original dialog, screams and gunshots. There are even blood smudges on the minifig walkers.

The new season of "The Walking Dead" premieres on Sunday, October 12.

Here's the original season 5 trailer for "The Walking Dead":

And here's the same trailer done completely in Lego: