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The video game that lets you slap a Wall Street CEO

AddictingGames releases an online game in which you can decide where the trillion-dollar bailout money goes. And you can slap a fat cat or two.

You know you want to. You've wanted to do it for some time now. No, not tell Pink and Sandra Bullock they have terrible taste in men, but slap a Wall Street ignoramus.

AddictingGames, the site that brought you the ecology sniper game evocatively entitled "Shoot The Bastards," now brings you "Trillion Dollar Bailout."

It's a simple affair. You have a New York skyline, against which various chaps in suits stand, asking for cash. The Stank of Bummera, for example. Or Crysalot Motors. With one slap, you can send them to a dark hole in which, you hope, a hungry Hannibal Lecter awaits with the dining table already laid.

However, this game is not merely about releasing your feelings about the pickle with a slap. No, you can also help those innocent, gullible homeowners who really did believe that they could afford a $500,000 house on a $40,000 salary.

"Please, mister. I need another $8 billion for my bonus." CC Dan Perry.com

Beneath the Wall Street skyline is a row of houses, not unlike those you see along your cab route from JFK into the city. From these houses emerge ordinary folks who are asking for a mere fraction of the amount begged for by, for example, Sitty Group or the charmingly named RNC Financial. With one click on the moneybag icon, you can deliver them salvation.

However, because this game stems from a sense of change you can believe in, you can give these people a backhander of the more physical kind. The kind that burns like cystitis and says: "What were you thinking, BlagoBrain?"

I am touched that the people at AddictingGames.com have bothered to understand that, when it comes to video games, there are certain kinds of violence that can only enhance societal well-being.

I have also heard rumors, as yet unsubstantiated, that the company intends to produce a new game in which you can slap a Facebook lawyer.