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The very first iPhone, Batman's PC bane and hoverboards in CNET UK Podcast 438

As we hurtle towards the eighth anniversary of the first iPhone going on sale, we look back at why Apple's first smartphone succeeded. Plus, there's more great tech news and your feedback.


The iPhone is nearly eight years old! We're breaking out the paper plates, party bags and Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey to celebrate, with a look back at Apple's very first mobile . You'll hear what critics at the time had to say, as well as the key features that it was missing. A heady blend of analysis and nostalgia awaits you on the UK's greatest tech podcast!

We're not living our lives in the past, however: we've also got all the up-to-the-minute tech news you so desperately crave. We'll be talking about the new Batman game getting pulled from PCs, the gadgetry running the Ubuntu mobile operating system and a severe case of hoverboard-fraud, courtesy of Lexus.

We also get excited about Formula E, the high-octane racing class for electric vehicles, your feedback and much more. All for free! Goodness you're a lucky bunch.

Hit play now! Don't forget to subscribe below and give us a positive review over on that there iTunes if you're feeling generous. Enjoy!

The very first iPhone, Batman's PC bane and hoverboards in CNET UK Podcast 438

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