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The ultimate Blu-ray database: Blu-ray Statistics

Blu-ray Statistics maintains a huge database of information about Blu-ray movies, allowing you to sort titles by video codec, soundtracks available, and even the size of the Blu-ray discs used.

Blu-ray Statistics

The number of people into Blu-ray may still be small, and the number of people who care about whether their favorite movie uses the AVC or MPEG-2 video codec may be even smaller, but if you are one of those nerdy videophiles, Blu-ray Statistics is a wish come true.

The site hosts a huge database containing all released Blu-ray titles, and includes detailed information like what codec was used, whether it's on a 50GB or 25GB Blu-ray disc, what kind of soundtrack is included, etc. Clicking on a title reveals even more information, like video bit rate, running time--even video and audio quality ratings by review sites such as High-Def Digest, Hi-Def Preview and High Def Disc News. Sure, maybe you already knew that 3:10 to Yuma features a 1080p VC-1 encode--but I bet you'd didn't know the average bit rate was 23.94 Mbps, or that it used 47.94GB of the Blu-ray disc.

Alright, so there might not be much of a practical application for some of the data--and we can't guarantee the accuracy of it, either--but it's still a great tool to pick out a new Blu-ray disc, as it includes ratings from IMDB and links to retailers like Amazon and Deep Discount DVD. If we were making a wishlist of features the site could add, we'd love to be able to select our own filters from the database, so, for example, we could rank movies by the highest video quality score at High-Def Digest.

After you get get done browsing the giant list to your heart's content, also be sure to check out the home page, which includes some interesting overall statistics for Blu-ray. For example, we were surprised to see that 54.6 percent of Blu-ray movies, so far, have used 50GB Blu-ray discs rather than the smaller 25GB discs. Maybe the extra storage capacity of Blu-ray over HD DVD really was important...

Check out the full Blu-ray Statistics database. If you have any other suggested features for the site, or know of similar resources, share them in the comments.