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The UK takes the "special relationship" too far with Microsoft

Microsoft owns the UK. What a shame. It used to be such a nice, sweet colonial empire. Now it has been colonized by Redmond.

Glyn Moody points out a range of activities in the United Kingdom that have the government getting a bit too close for comfort with Microsoft. The UK has long had a "special relationship" with the United States, but come on. This goes too far. Especially since Microsoft hardly represents the US. At least, not what's best about the US.

Microsoft has long been working feverishly to lock up the UK as a Windows stranglehold. (Remember this deal from 2004?) But surely at some point the UK should start its own IT revolutionary war? That is, declare its independence from the US' software oligarchy?

Or does it like to waste its citizens' tax dollars (er, sterling) on licenses and lock-in? It's time for the backbenchers to demand openness.