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The UK has an unhealthy relationship with Microsoft, warns a member of Parliament

Microsoft owns much of the UK's IT. Is this wise?

I've argued before that the UK ties up too much of its IT in the hands of too few vendors. Today, a member of the British Parliament focused the criticism a bit tighter on the UK's unhealthy reliance on Microsoft.

The current government strategy left too much in the hands of Microsoft, [John] Pugh argued, and he accused the company of "predatory pricing and stultifying competition".

He argued that the Government Gateway "is actually owned by Microsoft" and said that the government's policy "is, in part, in breach of European Union regulations" on competition.

The government's strategy hits the poorest hardest....

It's not that the UK government should drop all of its proprietary software today and go open source. Much as I might like that, the near-term effects on the government would not be positive.

But the UK is particularly cosy with Redmond. For a sovereign nation to cede so much of its IT autonomy to a vendor - any vendor - is wrong on a number of levels. This isn't about Microsoft versus open source. It's about one vendor dominating a country's IT to its detriment.

Such is the case with the UK. It's somewhat of a vassal state to Redmond. Time to declare your independence from the United States of Redmond, Britain.

Via LinuxToday.