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The Turntable Station Kickstarter project, nice, but this stand isn't just for turntables

The Audiophiliac considers this Kickstarter project for a craftily designed turntable, audio equipment, or LP vinyl-file storage rack.

Great, you have a nice stereo, but the components are scattered around your room. Wouldn't it be nice to have the whole rig in one spot? Or you have a turntable, but it's sitting on a rickety table or on a shelf that's not even close to level, so you're not getting the best possible sound from your LPs.

Maybe what you need is Line Phono's Turntable Station. This Kickstarter project launched a couple of weeks ago, and surpassed its target goal of $10,000 in just a few hours!

Thanks to the Turntable Station's individually adjustable steel and rubber "feet" you can precisely level the stand and your turntable. Sure, the Turntable Station may have been designed for record players, but it will work just as well for folks who prefer digital music. The stand can support a small display, a laptop, audio electronics and other gadgets.

The Line Phono Turntable Station Line Phono

The construction is a bit more intricate than what you might think, the Turntable Station is actually made of 10 precisely cut pieces of medium-density fiberboard, with rounded corners and edge-trim radius, with interlocking parts to ensure stability. The Turntable Station weighs 50 pounds, it's a substantial and sturdy design, available in natural or carbon finishes. It's made in the US, and will be shipped in a flat wood crate, so the user will have to assemble their Turntable Station.

Obviously, the top shelf is for turntables, it's 18.75 inches wide and 16 inches deep, big enough to support most Audio Technica, Music Hall, Pro-Ject, Rega, Technics and U-Turn Audio turntables. The Turntable Station is 39.5 inches high, tall enough you won't have to bend over to put LPs on your turntable.

The shelves can each handle large amps or hold up to 100 albums. The rear end of the cabinet has conveniently located holes for running audio signal and AC power cables through. The right side of the cabinet has a hook to hang headphones on.

The Kickstarter price is $349, the Line Phono Turntable Station's regular retail price will be $399, shipping is $30 extra. For now, the Turntable Station will only be sold in the US and deliveries are set to start later this month.